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We are proud of our 100% customer satisfaction record. Read what our clients are saying about us.
" 回應顧客反映積極, 處事效率高 "
- Cody Leung, Marketing Manager, I-Cable Television
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" Efficient and effective to deliver the project "
- Patricia Kong, Senior Marketing Officer, Hong Kong Broadband Network
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" The fast response with the suitable suggestion. Profesisonal advice and comperhensive suggestion. "
- Biance Chan, PR & Marketing Manager, Regen Medical Group
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" 報價快速, 報價不含糊。 能因應客户需要加快設計進度。 設計均very good。 "
- Karen Ho, Development Manager, HKAFE
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" 創意設計, 擅長寫網站程式 "
- Eric Choy, Director, Kfactors
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" We deeply appreciate the efforts and good works by EMO creation. Over the period, we thank you for offering us excellent design for both of our website and marketing issues. Beyond questions, EMO creation meets our needs and we highly appreciate your patience and prompt support. We wish your company would keep on with this high standard and creativity in the future. "
- Eva Choi, Marketing Manager, UCR
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" 各設計師非常專業及有創意; 完全能滿足消費者的要求, 故值得強烈推介。 "
- Gary Chau, xecutive Director, Mighty
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" Staff are helpful and nice "
- Yoko Liu, Office Manager, FitHealth
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" EMO creation is a creative, professional and customer oriented company. It not only provides satisfied work but also always strive for best to provide feasible and competitive solution to clients "
- Loretta Lung, Assistant Marketing Manager, Physical
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" 服務效率快 ! "
- Nicole Ieong, Sales, Chit Chat
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